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On Top Hockey

To register for On Top Hockey classes and open pond visit their website at Schedule | On Top Hockey

On Top Winter Club hours: Monday-Thursday (8am-10am)

Monday: Private Lessons (6am-7:30am), Open Pond (3pm-5pm), Skating 101 (5pm-6pm), Adult Shooting (7pm-8pm)

Tuesday: Private Lessons (6am-7:30am), Open Pond (3pm-6pm), Shooting (6pm-6:45pm) and (7:15pm-8pm)

Wednesday: Adult Session (6am-7am), Open Pond (3pm-4:30pm) and (7pm-8pm), Goaltenders (6pm-7pm)

Thursday: Top-Shelf Thursday (6:30am-7:30am), Open Pond (3pm-6pm), Hockey 101 (6pm-7pm), Adult Shooting (7pm-8pm)

On Top Hockey
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